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CHERTSTONE design and build websites, along with flyers, banners and book covers. Our websites are all responsive, viewable cleanly on any device. With over 20 years of IT experience behind us, we are in a great position to tell your story on the internet. Click HERE to have a look at the design work we have recently carried out.

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Running alongside the design work, CHERTSTONE also has a thriving production arm, making short films, documentaries, music videos and theatre trailers. Click HERE to find out more about these.

If any of this interests you then please get in CONTACT with us. We are a fairly sociable bunch and would love to hear from future collaborators.

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Design News . . .

March 2016


CHERTSTONE are really proud to be associated with the HUMO™ PROJECT, a revolutionary human powered car.

As well as developing a website , CHERTSTONE has also edited a promotional video using existing footage, to be associated with an upcoming Indigogo crowdfunding campaign.

Please get in CONTACT if you would like a website developed for your organisation. Check out our design portfolio HERE.

September 2015

Stepping Out Theatre

New websites developed in September for STEPPING OUT THEATRE, a mental health theatre company based in Bristol, BERKSHIRE THEATRE COMPANY, a dance and drama school based in Windsor and Reading, and SIMON CONNETT, a Devon based artisan blacksmith.

June 2015

Otterdene Safari Tents

A brand new website for OTTERDENE SAFARI TENTS AND CREATIVE COURSES went live in June.

This site promotes beautiful 'glamping' holidays in the East Devon countryside, along with creative courses run by the owner and local artist, Judy Edwards.

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Production News . . .

February 2015

A Good Book

A GOOD BOOK HAS NO ENDING has just been accepted into the 2015 Norwich Film Festival.

Set against the backdrop of a seaside resort awaiting the start of the summer season, this short film tells the story of a second-hand bookseller's final day before moving on.

This is the film's fourth festival, previously winning 'Best Director for a Short' at the Portsmouth International Film Festival.

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August 2014


The second part in our short series of documentaries entitled MOUNTAINS, MOORS AND THE MALE MENOPAUSE was filmed at the beginning of June in the beautiful Snowdonia mountains and post production is now well underway. The first part, covering a two day trek across Dartmoor can be seen on Youtube here.

These documentaries look as the effect that walking and wild places have on the sense of self and well being, as a podgy, unfit ex IT professional and resting actor embarks on a series of adventures to offset his impending mid life crisis.

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